Getting a fancy TT job without big money – it can happen!?

The results are in, and I’ve had way too much fun drawing scientific-type conclusions from my non-scientific and poorly-designed survey. Based on the propaganda with which I had been littered prior to this survey, the data from yesterday’s poll are somewhat surprising, indicating you CAN get a tenure-track faculty position at a top-tier institution without big bucks already in your back pocket. The survey questions and results: Continue reading


An informal, totally non-scientific survey

I’ve heard tale in the blogosphere and IRL that *nobody* is getting TT jobs at top-tier research institutions without money right now…that even K grant money isn’t gonna do the trick. That in order to get a faculty position at a top-tier med school, you need serious dough – like multiple R01s. Before I comment on this, I would like to find out how true this may or may not be using an incredibly inaccurate method for data acquisition – the blog poll!! Continue reading