Sunday mornings

Nothing better than watching my son, sitting in his Dad’s lab, looking at pictures of Elmo and monster trucks on the laptop. How Elmo and monster trucks converged, I have no idea. But my boys couldn’t look happier right now.

Maybe I’ll find some motivation to blog again. For now, I want to devote every non-grant-writing, non-lecture-preparing, non-mentoring moment to my Elmo and monster truck-loving boys.

Hubby and Monkey are now singing “Elmo’s Song” together. I love Sunday mornings.


My pseudonymity

I’m choosing to weigh in on the latest pseudonym controversies just now, even though the peak rage has already passed. Besides, I know it will rise again, as soon as NatGeo Blogs officially dumps their pseudonymous bloggers, or when another network goes ape-shit on the this deceitful bunch, or when one of our fabulous pseudonymous sci-bloggers gets raked across the coals for cowardly hiding behind their pseud. So I figure I’m ahead of the curve in that regard (just go with it). Anyways, I’ve got a slightly different beef on which to chew, but more on that in a moment.

First, why do I blog pseudonymously? After all, people would take this blog more seriously if I used my *real* name, right? I mean, I could be a scary, deceitful, mischievous, BAD person behind this mysterious “Dr. O” shield!! No matter, most the people who read this blog don’t care that I blog pseudonymously. In fact, some readers have come to sort of, well, KNOW “Dr. O”. You could even say it’s become a household name (well, in a couple of households…I think…oh, who am I kidding, not even in my own household).

But seriously, a lot of younger peeps out there read this blog and far more superior ones like it for intel on what it’s like to be a scientist with a family, balancing job searches and pregnancy, combining a career in academic research with being a mom and wife. And, if it’s not clearly obvious, divulging my in-real-life identity could seriously compromise my recently revived tenure-track job search (especially when I spend most of my time blogging about how I don’t let my research take away from my family.) SOOO, I guess I don’t really care what other people think of “Dr. O”.

Except I do. A little bit, anyways. A few months ago, a #sci-mom movement, intended to better engage the mommy blogging and sciblogging communities, gained some traction. I thought “hey, why don’t I try and take this on, for realzzz!?!?”. I wrote up a fabulous post, got my pseudo-blogging self registered on TMB, and started perusing/commenting on the Mom Blogs. I moved forward full steam, thinking this was the best idea since sliced bread.

But when I tried to chat with some of the non-pseudonymous mommy bloggers out there, I sort of got the cold shoulder. I know, some (most?) of this is just due to the fact they don’t know “Dr. O” yet (it did take more than a few months to build the “Dr. O” name up in the sci-blogging community). Though I sort of wonder if they ever will. Can they, will they ever trust Dr. O, or will I always come across like a unscrupulous blogging goon?

I sometimes ponder coming out and blogging under my *real* name, but then I wake up and realize what a spectacularly STUPID idea that would be right now. So Dr. O it is, for now at least. I don’t know that Dr. O will ever be taken seriously in the mommy blogging community, but I’d like to keep trying, if only to pick up a few new mommy peeps out there. Maybe I’ll earn a couple mommy bloggy friends? Maybe before Monkey is all growed up and I’m a sci-grandma blogger? We’ll see…

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Here I am!!!

Wow, has it been a crazy and exciting month! Yours truly has started negotiating a faculty position. Hubby’s beginning to look for jobs. Monkey’s almost walking. And the Dr. O family is planning a likely move across the country – yikes!!!!

I’m currently filling up The Tightrope queue, with some pretty interesting stuff if you ask me. 🙂 So if you stopped following me (and who wouldn’t – in my absence this is merely just another pretty blog), wake up and pay attention! Coming soon to a computer near you:

  • Renting out your condo when the housing market sucks
  • Why the Tea Party sucks serious ass; seriously folks, what the fuck are you doing to this country?
  • Wimminz in Academia – now with 100% fewer babies
  • Bad correspondent habits and what to do about them
  • Monkey dining: fattening up our hungry and SKINNY Monkey
  • Lullabies, part deux: adding variety to a stale repertoire
  • Dr. O’s guide to finding a tenure-track position: a series of posts chock-full of stuff you have NOT heard before, at least not in the blogosphere. I’ll begin posting my experiences sometime after I [hopefully] sign a letter. *knocks on wood*

So there it is dear readers, lots to look forward to. Dr. O is back!!!!!

I’ve got nothin’

I have lots to write about, but I just can’t get my shit together enough to put together a worthwhile post. Thoughts of interviews, science, an ever-increasingly mobile Monkey (seriously, he’s almost walking), and real estate adventures are cluttering my mind. On top of which, the impending career-related upheaval of my family is REALLY stressing Hubby and me out.

I get the feeling I’m on a roller coaster soaring through a dark tunnel. I’m trying to just sit back and enjoy the ride, but the gut-wrenching falls are starting to take their toll. I won’t disappear entirely – I plan to bug you guys on your blogs whenever I find the time to stroll through Google Reader. But The Tightrope, and my Twitter account, will be silent for a while longer…at least until this roller coaster ride slows down enough for me to type something meaningful.

Post-rapture blogging break

It seems the rapture did occur this past weekend, in the form of the eleventh plague overtaking the Dr. O household. I never realized the rapture would involve bowing down to a porcelain throne.

While Hubby and I are feeling better today, Monkey started experiencing symptoms of a stomach bug AND ear infection last night. Good thing he already has a doctor appointment lined up this morning.

Since I normally prepare most of my posts over the weekend, blogging activity will be a bit sparse this week. No worries though – I’ll catch up as soon as I find a way to keep down food again.

(Sci)Mommy Bloggin’

I’ve finally given in – I’m a (Sci)Mommy Blogger! Now don’t go removing me from your science-y blogrolls just yet; I still plan to talk about science here – my tenure-track aspirations, grant-writing, mentoring, etc… But nowadays I write about science in regards to mommyhood, so it just made sense to let the blog go where it wanted.

Besides, this acceptance of mommy blogging has plenty to do with us scientists, and I know there are those out there who agree with me. So if you don’t mind the 2 seconds and one click’s worth of energy it will take, I’d appreciate you all clicking on this link to vote for me. That’s it, just one click. You don’t have to do anything once you get there – your vote is recorded as soon as you navigate from my page to theirs. So click, then hit the back button and come back to my page.

Go on. I’ll wait.

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Alright, you back now?

I think it would be a really good thing for some of the mommy bloggers out there (and there are some fantastic ones I’ve been referred to through this site) to get to know us science-y bloggers over here. So help a scimom out by drumming up some support for this mommy blog, will ya?!


originally posted on LabSpaces, with some revision

It’s been a nice run, but I think the time has come for me to take my leave from LabSpaces. As much as I’ve enjoyed blogging over here, the new friends I’ve made, and the increased exposure, I’m just not sure that my blogging goals are the same as the network’s. While I’ll certainly continue to write about grants, job searches, and other career-related topics, I’ve found that most of my heart and writing energy are increasingly focused on my personal life, which just doesn’t fit under this collective. I’ve tried splitting my time between my old blog and this one, but I really prefer to maintain one blog and keep all my posts in one spot. So I’ll be moving back here, if y’all don’t mind updating your blogrolls and readers once again. 🙂

I wish Brian and the rest of the LabSpaces bloggers the best of luck as they move forward. It sounds like there are some great things soon to be taking place around here, and I can’t wait to watch from the outside!