About Dr. O

Welcome to The Tightrope!

Dr. O is a tenure-track professor at a large medical research university in tenure-track town (TTT), mom to the cutest little offspring (Monkey), wife to an amazing husband (Hubby), and a runner, musician, and writer trying to find a little spare time for herself. It’s amazing how all these roles intersect, and she (mostly) enjoys watching her life unfold. This blog is about that adventure.

Dr. O started blogging on Blogger in March, 2009, not really knowing where it, or her life, would end up. Ever since, The Tightrope has followed her journey through failed job searches, unfunded (and funded) grants, pregnancy, new motherhood, postpartum depression, and (finally!!!) landing a tenure-track faculty position. Up next on her plate: finding balance between an academic career and motherhood.

Have a look around and join the discussion. Also feel free to email her at microdro AT gmail DOT com if you have any questions or topic suggestions.

2 thoughts on “About Dr. O

  1. VERY easy. You can export your blogger posts to a file then upload them into WP (which I did), or you can migrate them over directly from blogger. I tried the latter, but it added a weird carrot thing into all my post titles. Migrated over the comments, too, except for the ones with the external commenting system I started using last month.

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