Strep, pink eye, and explosive diarrhea

Monkey had his 18 month appointment yesterday, just in time for his first case of strep throat to turn up. I stayed home with him the rest of the day, and Hubby stayed home with him today. Hubby emailed mid-morning that Monkey’s fever had gone down, but his right eye was looking pretty pink. At noon, Hubby said he himself was starting to feel pretty crappy. Just a few moments ago, I got a text informing me that Monkey now has explosive diarrhea, and his fever has come back up.

All hope is that Hubby is actually fine, and that Monkey’s issues are interconnected and will resolve quickly.¬†Alternatively, the Dr. O household has just become the central repository for all sorts of toddling infectious substances. Either way, I think this week is a wash – and I’m heading home now to take care of my two sad little sick boys.


7 thoughts on “Strep, pink eye, and explosive diarrhea

  1. I’ve been there and it makes for a horrible few days.

    Especially if it’s fast moving and the wee ones are fine by the weekend (and running around like crazy). Meanwhile, you and your spouse are struggling to stay upright….

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