The TT Files: sometimes you don’t even have time to breathe

I can’t believe it’s been almost two months. I wrote a wonderful post from my phone while on a plane sometime in late January, but it disappeared when we landed. Since then, I haven’t even made an attempt to visit my sad, lonely little WordPress dashboard.

The Dr. O clan is settling into Tenure Track Town and trying to figure out our new lives. I can’t find a radio station here that I like. The people drive funny. The grocery stores are different. Our neighbors are incredibly friendly, but in a good way; Hubby and I have just grown unaccustomed to neighbors who say hi in the morning and bring you freshly-baked goods to say “welcome”. The unfamiliarity surrounding us is nice, and we’re finding ourselves in a halfway decent routine. Hubby has a great job. Monkey loves his new daycare. AndΒ I love my new job. I love my lab, nonfunctional as it is right now. I love my office. I love my new colleagues.

If there’s one thing that I’ve been absolutely floored by in this new phase of my career, it’s how unbelievably busy I’ve become. There really is absolutely no way to appreciate or prepare for the amount of STUFF that you suddenly have to contend with. Since I began writing this post, approximately 20 minutes ago, I’ve replied to 4 different emails, signed 5 purchasing requisitions, and answered one phone call. I almost ditched this post after the second email lit up, but by the third realized I may never blog again if I didn’t finish this one.

I’m learning rather quickly to work in 5 minute stints, since I don’t know when the next fire I’ll have to put out may spark. I’m thinking of setting up a two-hour appointment for myself at some point during the week – turning out the lights in my office, and making myself generally unavailable so that I can get some writing done. We’ll see if that idea ever grows legs.

I still don’t know how often I’ll blog in the coming months, but I do plan to appear here from time to time. If you’ll kindly continue to visit my blog with the expectation of shorter/more fragmented posts with more grammatical/spelling errors, I think we’ll all survive this new normal.


6 thoughts on “The TT Files: sometimes you don’t even have time to breathe

  1. Woo! Congrats. And thanks for this post, even though I’m not a prof, I do get trapped in emails and calls and follow ups and “please help me with X cause it was working 5 minutes ago, and not now.” I recently saw my dentist and talked to her about all the stress I’m under and she suggested that I prioritize, but always keep myself at the very top of the list.

    I’m so glad things are going well and the family is happy. I love reading posts like this. Keep up the good work, prof πŸ˜€

  2. The key to success is becoming REALLY good at multitasking. And learning to turn the email off, close the door and get stuff done. Oh, and when things settle down, learning how to say NO!!!!1!!!!1!

  3. The beginning of something new is always challenging. It will calm down (sort of) once the ordering frenzy calms down. Starting a lab from scratch is a beautiful, if not, daunting thing. Thank goodness for wine! πŸ˜‰

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