New Year’s Eve Feast

To mark the end of a crazy year, complete with a new baby, funded grants, TT job interviews, and plans for a cross-country move for the Dr. O household, we enjoyed a nice antipasti platter tonight, courtesy of Hubby. It included a couple of nice cheeses, fresh berries and basil, prosciutto-, salami- and pepperoni-wrapped mozzarella, sauteed mushrooms and red peppers, Italian bread, and a pretty decent bottle of red wine. It was freakin’ yummy, and despite the time of year, the berries were awesome!!!

Even Monkey got in on a modified version of the action. He still isn’t a fan of bread or peppers, but he enjoyed the hell out of his plate, which was replaced with crackers and fresh diced tomatoes.

Hope your new year is just as abundant as our meal, and past year, has been. Happy 2012!!!

Cross-posted on Scientopia.


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