Twelve Months of The Tightrope

Merry Christmas!!! Here’s my version of the latest meme (a few days late), real quick like before the Monkey and his cousins get into the Christmas tree ornaments again. I tried to not start so many posts with “So” this past year; I think I did alright:

January: First – thanks to everyone for the well wishes and kind words in emails, tweets, and comments since my last post.

February: Monkey woke up at midnight last night, out of his swaddle, poop up to his neck, and very upset about the situation.

March: Not so good for concentrating, but this one makes me laugh.

April: One and a half hours is the perfect amount of layover time for pumping, eating, and finding your next gate.

May: Monkey’s temp measured 101.2 this afternoon.

June: Like several other bloggers out there, I possess quite a few presentation peeves.

July: This is my fault – I’ve been a little absent/distracted from the blogosphere lately.

August: Wow, has it been a crazy and exciting month!

September: I’m simply amazed.

October: So I’ve been doing my damnedest to catch up on my blog reading, while also preparing for my new job, while also spending time with Hubby and Monkey, while also trying not to get too overwhelmed by something as innocuous as blogging.

November: This is the second in a series of posts about my hunt for the tenure-track.

December: Dude, when I grow  up and get my own lab, I’m taking a page out of my mentor’s book and keeping a huge stash of yummiez chocolate on my desk.


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