The secret to a productive lab

Dude, when I grow  up and get my own lab, I’m taking a page out of my mentor’s book and keeping a huge stash of yummiez chocolate on my desk. Not only does it provide a quick pick-me-up; it’s also a great way to lure down-and-out lab minions into your office when they need PI brain boosting the most. Fucking brilliant. I’m gonna miss that dude.


10 thoughts on “The secret to a productive lab

  1. Great idea, but I’m with Professor in Training – a chocolate stash would not last more than an hour in my office.

  2. Hmmm…I’ll have to think on this some more, cuz I’m the type to eat it all up too. Maybe if it’s a kind of chocolate I don’t like as much. I’m just not sure what type of chocolate that would be.

  3. I often keep a stash of chocolate in the drawer on the opposite end of my office for the reasons you stated. However, I then spend the day rolling across my office to eat it, making it an overall unproductive experience.

  4. I wonder if you walk over each time it will balance out – maybe add in a couple of jumping jacks on the way?

    Thinking this might be a good way to motivate my own ass out of the chair 🙂

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