What I want for my birthday

It’s my birthday (well, it was yesterday), and you’ve got just what I want. A donation to DonorsChoose. 🙂 I had planned to post this yesterday, ensuring lots of good karma for all (the best birthday present one could hope for). But my genius plan was derailed by a coughing, puking, feverish baby. Oh yes, I got the trifecta for my birthday.

But all is well, because I just received some great news: the DonorsChoose Board of Directors is matching all donations made through the Science Bloggers Challenge! That’s right, you can triple your karma right now by giving at my DonorsChoose page. This dealio runs through midnight Saturday (Eastern Time), so don’t fret if you can’t find your credit card right this moment. Just remember to give by the end of Saturday!

Also remember – even $5 can change a life. Your morning latte, an extra beer on Friday night, even a bag of chips at the grocery store – all can be replaced by this simple donation. And right now it can do twice as much good, without the extra poundage. No more excuses, time is running out. Do it for the kids (and for my birthday).


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