Attention ladies:

Dig out your irons and garter belts; this is evidently how far women have come in 2011.

Maybe this is meant to be ironic, but I can’t help but feel a little nauseous looking at it. And no, the fact that one of them is holding a hammer while another is grilling does not alleviate my ailing stomach.


2 thoughts on “Attention ladies:

  1. I’m sure I’ll get crucified for this, but I see nothing wrong with those types of photos. I had a photo session done a couple years ago that was similar, and I felt very sexy, confident, and feminine. I’m so happy I had them done, and I’m sure I’ll be even more happy when I’m 80 and want to relive my youth a bit.

    I think, as long as the women in the photos are choosing what they get to wear, what poses they are doing, etc., then it is empowering, not demeaning.

  2. It’s not the sexy I take issue with; I think women should express their femininity freely. It’s the pigeon-holing of women into a plethora of 50’s stereotypes that struck me as offensive. These pictures send a message that ironing, baking, and sewing – “women’s work” – are what make women attractive. The pictures with a hammer and grill are somewhat better, but where’s the picture of a sexy woman with glasses on reading a book, doing science, standing behind a podium speaking?

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