A must for work-life balance…

…a dishwasher that cleans dishes the first time. So that I don’t have to wash dishes as I empty the dishwasher. So that I don’t pull a bottle out for Monkey and find it smeared with dishwashing soap. So that when I start cooking breakfast and grab a spatula, my eggs don’t burn as I hurriedly scrub off last night’s dinner. So that I don’t end up with a screaming baby while I wash scrub his bottles and the spatula at the sink. So that I don’t end up leaving for work 30 minutes later than intended, and hitting rush hour traffic that gets me to the lab an hour later than I planned.

I really don’t care at this point if the dishwasher is mechanical or human, so long as that human isn’t me or Hubby. I’m so over washing dishes all day long, every stinkin’ day of my life. DONE.


5 thoughts on “A must for work-life balance…

  1. You’re right. I love my dishwasher. I can’t live without anymore. It has become more essential than a hubby ( if I had had one, of course).
    Mine is a Bosch and it is awesome!.

  2. I totally agree! One of the biggest selling points of my current apartment was a dishwasher (other than me). It also had in-house laundry, but most of the places we were looking at did…

  3. I wrote an entire post detailing my love for the dishwasher we bought a couple of years ago. I still love it. It has a lot of space. It gets things clean first time with minimal pre-rinsing. It is quiet. It is water and energy efficient. It is a thing of beauty. (Like @over beer, mine is a Bosch.)

    So yes, I agree with you.

  4. My mom bought a Bosch a couple of years ago – AMAZING – and that’s probably what we’d get if we had a house that we were staying in. In the meantime, I really just want something that works. We bought our current washer last year before Monkey was born to replace the 25-year-old antique that was original in our condo. The current one (a GE) worked nicely for a few months, then started going downhill. Now it’s basically a nice-looking piece of crap that works about as well as the yellow piece of crap we got rid of.

  5. I *heart* our LG dishwasher. DH and I agreed that, if we had to choose one appliance to go top-of-the-line, it would be that one. It’s worth its weight in gold.

    That sucks that you bought one only a short time ago and it’s crap now 😛

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