Lullabies, Part 2

I’m an eye girl. Some women are into bodies, some are into great hair, and some really love a great brain. Okay, so I like all these things, too, but they don’t always last. Even a great brain can have it’s moments – especially during a 2am feeding with a one-month-old. Eyes don’t really change, though. From infancy to elder care, they remain the same. They’re truly the window to the soul, revealing your mate’s true character.

Hubby has great eyes – very blue, and very bright. I fell in love with them the first night I met my future husband. Monkey has great eyes, too. They’re big and also blue – a mix between my dark blue, almost grey color and Hubby’s bright blue shade. While rocking Monkey during his last illness a week ago, looking into those big blue eyes, a great song by George Strait from my childhood came to mind, and I started singing the words to Monkey.

Monkey immediately recognized this lullaby as different from our old standbys, and his bright blue eyes locked onto my face for the entire tune. When I was done singing, he grabbed at my lips, meaning he wanted more singing (our own personal sign language). I started singing Landslide, at which point he decided he was no longer interested. Obviously, the old standbys have become boring for Monkey. They’re still great at bedtime, but I’ll admit I’ve getting pretty tired of them myself.

So I’m now on the search for new lullabies. I’ve identified a few that I think Monkey will like, but I haven’t yet memorized the lyrics (I only have so much file space upstairs, and most of it’s been taken hostage by science). Of course, I prefer songs that aren’t typical children’s tunes – Van Morrison is even on my list of candidates. Does anyone else have some suggestions?

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6 thoughts on “Lullabies, Part 2

  1. My daughter is a big fan of “My Favorite Things”, “The Red Red Robin”, “Freight Train” and “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” (yes, tiny tim). As well as others. My son ONLY likes “Take me out to the ball game”. When they were little, both liked “Los Pollitos Dicen” and “The Ants Go Marching In”, which can be sung ad-nauseam until they fall asleep. One of my daughter’s favorite CD was by Elizabeth Mitchell, who nominally sings children’s songs, but is basically a nice set of old folk tunes.

  2. Ah, so cute! My children love pop tunes! Right now my 21 month old is singing “Hello” by Martin Solveig. Not really a lullaby but it is darn cute! My first was obsessed with Lady Gaga songs for a while, when my husband and I really never listened to her. “Just Dance” was all about my #1.

    Anyway, these are not really what you are probably looking for, but I wish you luck in your quest!

  3. We have the rockabye CDs ( which turn all your favorite rock songs into instrumental lullybyes that we sing along with. We have Guns ‘n Roses and Aerosmith. Also Pandora has a lullybye children’s station for free that you can listen to and see if there are any you like.

  4. We really like the Nields children’s cds. “All Together singing in the Kitchen” is a great collection of tunes, but aren’t necessarily lullabies. Rock All Day Rock All Night is a 2 cd set – a day time one and a night time one.

    I haven’t heard many songs from it, but I’m intrigued with Natalie Merchant’s latest cd, “Leave Your Sleep”.

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