I’ve got nothin’

I have lots to write about, but I just can’t get my shit together enough to put together a worthwhile post. Thoughts of interviews, science, an ever-increasingly mobile Monkey (seriously, he’s almost walking), and real estate adventures are cluttering my mind. On top of which, the impending career-related upheaval of my family is REALLY stressing Hubby and me out.

I get the feeling I’m on a roller coaster soaring through a dark tunnel. I’m trying to just sit back and enjoy the ride, but the gut-wrenching falls are starting to take their toll. I won’t disappear entirely – I plan to bug you guys on your blogs whenever I find the time to stroll through Google Reader. But The Tightrope, and my Twitter account, will be silent for a while longer…at least until this roller coaster ride slows down enough for me to type something meaningful.


5 thoughts on “I’ve got nothin’

  1. Hey hey! I just happen to land on your blog and the first post I read was I’ve Got Nothin’… oh honey. I’m sure you’ve offered more and are doing more than you can possibly realize! We all have times when we need to step back, slow down, re-evaluate. Kudos to you for being an example – open and honest. In a world where much is contrived, we appreciate your candidness and honesty. With that being said, hang in there and we’ll hang with you! Blessings xoxo

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