Wimminz in Academia Q&A

Hear ye, hear ye!

The Hermitage’s Q&A for her “Wimminz in Academia, now with 100% fewer babies” panel is now open! Yeah, I know, I kind of dogged on this panel a few months ago. But I was also in the midst of postpartum depression and struggling to figure out how in the hell to be a mommy and a scientist all at the same time. On top of which, I was feeling a little bit bitchy and looking for a fight (which I finally got a couple of months later…it wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be, but very therapeutic nonetheless.)

Let’s face it – there are many, many issues that women deal with outside of childbearing-while-working-difficulties, and I bet at least some of the women who read this blog are interested in those issues. I certainly was prior to finding someone I wanted to marry and procreate with. Unfortunately, conversations about women’s issues rarely make it past baby talk. For this reason, Hermi organized last year’s panel, and I am now honored to be included in her most recent panel of sci-women bloggers. (Although I am still waiting for my coffee mug for being the first to respond to your email, Hermi ;-))

So head on over to Hermi’s blog and submit your question(s)!


5 thoughts on “Wimminz in Academia Q&A

  1. Dang, I didn’t even know I was being dogged. I didn’t take off my errangs or anything and I’ve wanted an E-BEEF FOR FOREVER. We both know that any mug that I had commissioned would be inappropriate for work, life, and Monkey lol.

  2. We both know that any mug that I had commissioned would be inappropriate for work, life, and Monkey lol.

    That’s why I wants! Heh 🙂

    TBH, I wasn’t really dawging on you personally, but some of the comments in one of your earlier posts. I got a little sensitive when reading through them, and with the hormones and all, decided I needed to unload. I wuz a little bit sensitive – luckily, others weren’t so sensitive!

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