The early days with Monkey are mostly a dreamy haze, but I vividly remember the songs I sang when rocking him to sleep. I always loved the song La La Lu from Lady and the Tramp, and it quickly became one of my standards.

Not strictly a lullaby, but I also loved singing Landslide to Monkey. It has been such a comfort to me through the years, and seemed to comfort my little boy as well.

Monkey’s all time favorite, though, is this one by the Dixie Chicks, which I still sing to him when he’s upset. The one night I spent away from Monkey, this tune continued to play in my head until I drifted to sleep. The YouTube video has an introduction about the songwriter’s story, which I find especially touching. But skip forward to 1:45 if you just want to hear the tune.

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7 thoughts on “Lullabies

  1. Hi there,
    Godspeed was one of my favorites as well. Diana Krall’s version of Count Your Blessings inspired one of my favorites as well.

  2. Wow – how do you not cry every time you sing those to him?

    Over here, we liked singing What a Wonderful World, Over the Rainbow, and some of the classic lullabies. Right now though, this is his favorite (not really a lullaby, but he laughs his ass off when we do it):

  3. I don’t have any exciting lullibies (basically I stick to Brahams… Lullaby, little guy, mamma loves you whole bunches…), but we have a great song to pee by. “Tinkle tinkle little [name], sitting on your potty [word that rhymes with name], the potty is the place to go, it is where you tinkle so, tinkle tinkle little [name], sitting on your potty [rhyme].” I thought I’d made it up, but it turns out my mom sang something really similar to us when we were little, and her mom had sung something very similar to her 7 kids..

  4. I LOVE What a Wonderful World – you know there’s a children’s book with the lyrics, right? I’m surprised I haven’t sung that one, but there were just a few songs that stuck during those first few sleep deprived weeks, and they stuck 🙂

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