Yes, I’m THAT mom

Last Friday was Crazy Hair Day at Monkey’s daycare. I had plans of grandeur for fashioning an Albert Einstein wig and dressing up Monkey up as a scientist. Friday morning, no wig made, I instead grabbed some pomade and molded what little hair Monkey has into a faux-hoc.

Today was Crazy Sock Day. I had plans all week to at least pick up some “crazy socks” at Babies R Us. Alas, this morning, no crazy socks in hand, Hubby and I grabbed a white sock each, some markers, and decorated Monkey’s footwear. By the time we made it to daycare, Monkey had chewed on his feet to the point that the cute little pictures Daddy and I drew were a soppy mess.

I’ve become THAT mom – the one who sends her kindergartener to school on Halloween in a trash bag and sunglasses (a California Raisin). The one who buys cookies from the bakery, pops them into a tupperware container, and sends them off for the Girl/Boy Scouts bake sale. The one who has a career, and chooses to spend her spare time with her family instead of racing around town trying to keep up with the craftier moms.

So today I’m embracing the working mom stereotype. I’m proud of what I do, and I’m proud how I choose to spend my time. And I’m proud of the B effort Hubby and I gave this morning so that Monkey could still participate, even if he doesn’t have the coolest socks today at daycare.

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18 thoughts on “Yes, I’m THAT mom

  1. Because I grew up in a fairly remote area, the craft vs purchased roles were largely reversed in my elementary school. Even for career moms, going to the store to get cookies took roughly as long as baking them. On the other hand, it seems like the number of school events demanding parental input has jumped significantly, even in the relatively brief time since I was in elementary school, so it’s easy to see where it is a much bigger issue. I think it’s time to call my mom and say thank you again…

  2. Amen, embrace it!
    Things like dress up day will become more important as your kid gets older (we’re ALREADY talking Halloween costumes with our 4 y.o- and that is all her, let me tell you. First time she brought it up I was like “What? Halloween? What on earth are you talking about? It is MAY!”) But the good news is that you’ll have settled into your working parents groove by then, and will find time to do the things that matter. But crazy socks for a baby that still thinks of them as something akin to food? No way I’d worry about that!

  3. I’m surprised the daycare has such things when the kids aren’t old enough to care. Is it not a daycare for working parents? Our school doesn’t even do dress-up for Halloween– instead that’s pajama day.

    We let DC dress hirself these days, so every day is full of sartorial uniqueness. I don’t think anybody notices or cares. If they do, they’re probably pretty bored and could use a hobby.

  4. Well, the area we live in is interesting, in that not many of the moms that take their kids to this daycare are full time working moms. We’re kind of right in the middle of several fairly wealthy suburban neighborhoods. Many only have their kids there part time – a day or two a week – and some I think are stay at home moms that just need a day or two a week to get things done. Of course, they still pay full time tuition at Monkey’s age.

    The nursery has hosted several “afternoon coffee” breaks for the mommies, which I’m never able to participate in. Since they had this posted all over the nursery this past week, I felt somewhat pressured to do something. Again with the guilt, but it was actually kind of fun doing the hair last week (we got a great picture of Monkey before I took him in), and Hubby and I working on the socks this morning ended up making for some fun (and humorous) time together. Quality time comes in odd packages sometimes.

    Oh, and I think letting the younger set is great fun and allows them wonderful ways to express themselves. My friends 6 yo comes up with the best outfits – I wouldn’t want anything less for Monkey. 🙂

  5. I thought briefly about ignoring it, but then thought coloring on the socks might be fun. It was, although the finished product wasn’t nearly as impressive as I imagined. Oh well, it was the good times that mattered, and the image of Monkey’s face covered in marker was pretty memorable.

  6. Yeah, I think a call to my mom is in order, especially considering how many things she sewed together for dance recitals as a single mom when I was in junior high and high school.

  7. I think i”m lucky in that my mom never baked or was crafty. We had Safeway cakes for our Bdays, store bought costumes etc. I’ve accepted that (1) I can’t be all things (2) the expectation on what ‘good” moms are today are way harder than 20 years ago. No one cared or expected to have to be the “traditional” mom while working before. Now it feels like we have justify our choice. Maybe it was because my mom had to work and I don’t. WTV. Glad that you’ve chosen to embrace it. What is important is that I do things with my kid(s), which is what I do. It may not be what society thinks as valuable, but it is definitely what my kid at the time thinks.

  8. I am totally that mom, but my kids don’t really seem to care very much. I constantly forget crazy hair and pajama days. We have always bought costumes for Halloween, and when some food needs to be brought in, I just buy it.

    I love the daycare my No 2 goes to as it’s full-time care only — so as far as I can tell, all the families have two parents working full time. Everyone’s picks up their kids 5 minutes before closing. When there is a potluck, I see lots and lots of store-bought stuff so I don’t feel bad at all. The situation was much worse in my older son’s preschool where many SAHMs would drop the kids off for a few hours only for enrichment and for moms’ break. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I prefer not to be judged by people who don’t have my schedule or obligations.

  9. This shit is primarily for the mom’s who want something interesting/exciting to do with their babeh mannequins. I certainly never appreciated such days because the kids who could sit up and crawl would immediately insist on violating everyone around them because all looked fucking weird.

  10. That’s my thought. I was totally seeing this whole thing about me, not Monkey. He doesn’t care what socks he’s wearing, or what it hair is doing. Maybe in a few years he’ll think it’s fun, maybe not. But right now, it’s all about appearances.

  11. I bet they are. I certainly don’t fault them. But, like GMP, I don’t want to feel guilty for my lack of free time. I think living somewhere I’m surrounded by people with very different priorities and lifestyles is difficult. At the same time, I’m usually rushing in and out of daycare so quickly that I don’t spend too much time feeling guilt about it.

  12. Heh, when Hubby and I pick up together on Fridays, Monkey is consistently the last kid in the nursery. Luckily, since Hubby and I have such a drastically staggered work schedule (2 hours difference), we normally don’t have him there all that long at all compared to other parents.

  13. I love it! 🙂 And as a stay at home mom with crafty intentions, please know I’d be doing the exact same thing as you and your hubby! I am not an implementer of creative and new ideas… well, maybe if I get them from other people sometimes I am. I’ve recently found this Mom’s Guide to have creative tips on taking care of kids’ teeth. Seriously, it sure beats using my own tired brainpower when I can get good ideas from others. Thanks for sharing your good “THAT MOM” ideas… and keep up the good work! 🙂

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