Monkey likes it, he really likes it!!!

After weeks of trying out different foods on Monkey, I finally found something he likes (other than vanilla ice cream, which hardly constitutes an appropriately complete infant diet). To preface, though, I have to tell y’all about our mornings. Our weekday routine has become fairly regular. Monkey wakes at 6:30 am, as I’m getting up myself and Hubby is headed out the door. After we say bye to Dad, I nurse and change Monkey, then shower and get ready while he plays in his nursery.

Once we’re all ready and packed up for work/daycare, I sit down on the floor in Monkey’s nursery with my cereal and coffee. If I’m eating Cheerios, I’ll usually offer some from the top (sans soymilk) to Monkey. He always excitedly takes a piece in his mouth – after all, what’s life for an infant if they can’t taste it? Upon oral analysis of the content, however, Monkey invariably spits out the non-pureed crap with a look of disgust and contempt.

This morning that all changed. Monkey stared at my cereal bowl when I sat down, then lunged forward to grab. I gave him a piece, and my heart momentarily dropped as his face drew into that same familiar grimace. But then…. he started chewing the Cheerio!!! And then he reached out for another, and another!!!! Monkey likes Cheerios!!!!!!!

To reinforce the teachable moment, I kept signing (and speaking) the words “more” and “eat” as Monkey and I shared breakfast. He didn’t seem interested in using Mommy’s signs, but instead employed his own vocabulary, reaching out and hopping on his sits bones when he was ready for another. When he was done, he simply put one of his toy rings in his mouth. I signed “all done?”, and he yelled back as he swung his toy ring in the air.

So not only did we share breakfast (dude, Monkey likes Cheerios!!!!), but we had a real conversation over cereal and coffee. What a way to begin the day.

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