Blogger sucks

Blogger totally sucks, and I’m done. I was planning on doing some more work over here before debuting, but I can’t stand it anymore. This is the new Tightrope blog.

I have several posts in the queue over there that I can’t access until Blogger fixes their shit. So it will be a few days before I get everything up and going over here. I also might be getting a separate domain set up. Until everything is up and going the way I want it, please be patient with me!! I’ll do what I can to make sure everything moves as painlessly as possible in the meantime. πŸ™‚

Now to figure out how to get people over here. Twitter’s great, but not all my followers are on Twitter. Hmmm…


20 thoughts on “Blogger sucks

  1. I was having issues with the comments over there, for some reason they were all scrunched together so that I couldn’t read them or post.

  2. Their commenting system went down several times, so I started using an external commenting system…which then had problems. Then several of my blog posts and drafts disappeared. I don’t know what all the issues were/are, but I’m tired of dealing with them. 😐

    Besides, WordPress is so much prettier.

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