Traffic is a pain in the ass. When there’s no traffic, it takes me 25 minutes to get to (or from) work. During rush hour, trying to get home to see my little Monkey before bedtime can take an hour or longer. Add some snow into the mix, and I might as well sing Monkey his lullabies over the phone. It’s for this reason that we’re trying to sell our condo and move closer into town. Closer to work. Closer to sanity. Not to mention getting a little more space for Monkey to roam, before he starts climbing the condo walls.

Ironically, to sell a house you need traffic, which is pretty hard to come by in these difficult economic times. A single offer is dependent on numerous showings, which are in turn dependent upon exponentially more hits of our online MLS. We’re doing all we can to up the ante on each of these fronts – allowing unscheduled showings, posting great pics of our renovated condo on the MLS, hiring a wonderful agent who advertises the hell out of the property, and offering a very competitive selling price.

Fortunately, this last strategy appears to be working in our favor. Last year when our place went on the market, we had two showings in a period of two months. Not. Good. At. All. Currently, with the price lowered substantially, we’ve already had three showings in the first week. I don’t know how much traffic will be required for an offer (or a sale), but certainly this is a step forward.

Unfortunately, the price cut will hurt us financially, since we owe somewhat more than the asking price. Not much more than the gas prices from each of us commuting 40 miles a day, nor the stress of commuting across town, trying to pick up Monkey from daycare on time, and finding time to spend with each other in the midst of working, commuting, and parenting. But it will hurt.

On the other hand, we can afford it. Cloud and NicoleandMaggie (can’t find the link) have been talking a lot lately about buying time. Well, this is the ultimate time-saving purchase. One big, fat time-saving purchase that we’ll be paying off for the next ten years.

Oh, the joys of home ownership.


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