My poor Monkey… and Osama bin Laden is dead

Monkey’s temp measured 101.2 this afternoon. He’s had a nasty cough that’s gotten progressively worse over the past week, and I think he may have yet another ear infection. He spent most of today lethargic and weepy – quite pathetic really. To make things worse, we had a scheduled showing at our condo this afternoon and had to make ourselves scarce for an hour. Luckily, Monkey handled the ill-timed outing like a trooper.

The after-hours nurse line through our pediatrician’s office gave us some tips for keeping Monkey comfortable until we can get him into the office tomorrow morning. Tylenol made him less cranky for the remainder of the evening, and he went down for bed quite easily. As miserable as he’s been, Monkey got quite chatty before bedtime – even through tears as the Tylenol kicked in. He’s a tough monkey. I hate that he’s so sick.

Tomorrow Hubby and I are trading off sick baby duty. I get the morning shift and pediatrician visit, and Hubby will relieve me in the afternoon so that I can get cultures started for Tuesday. As much as I’m worried about missing work, I plan to make the most of my time with Monkey tomorrow. He’s not a very cuddly baby most of the time these days, but today he’s wanted nothing more than to sleep on my chest. I plan to take advantage of this tomorrow…

I just heard Osama bin Laden was killed. Not sure what else to write right now. I was working in the lab when I heard about the towers getting hit 10 years ago. Tonight, I’m blogging about missing work to be with my sick son. I found out about the towers on the radio 10 years ago. I found out about Osama on Twitter tonight.

I just heard Monkey cry out – looks like I’m on sick baby duty tonight. I’ll celebrate this momentous occasion a little later.


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