What does your car say about you?

You can tell a lot about someone by the state of their car. The saved radio stations. The cleanliness of the interior and exterior. The clutter – CDs, shopping bags, etc… I drove Hubby’s car to work yesterday so that he could take the Subie in for a tire rotation. His car used to be my car, until a few years ago when we gave his old car to his nephew and bought the Subie. It was kind of odd to be back in my old friend, with Hubby’s personality taken over.

Hubby has all the same stations saved on his radio that I do, but he often listens to AM sports or talk radio. This bothers me, since the talk radio usually lean conservative, which only serves to infuriate Hubby during his commute. Why he chooses to listen to something that raises his blood pressure is beyond me. Yesterday, though, Hubby had the radio set to my favorite music station, likely to ward off any admonitions from me. He also filled the tank up with gas – normally he drives with less than a quarter of a tank.

I almost always have music on in my Subie, and the station varies since I have no patience for commercials.  I haven’t started listening to kiddie music yet. I figure I’m going to teach Monkey about the Rolling Stones, Beatles, Pink Floyd and the like while I can. There will be plenty of time later for whatever kiddie music Monkey takes a liking to.

A base for Monkey’s car seat sits in the middle of the back seat, next to a baggie of baby wipes (just in case – messes are much more common than they used to be). And a stroller lays in the very back of the car, in case we decide to go for a walk somewhere (mall, park, etc) while out with Monkey. Obviously, these are all newer additions since the arrival of Monkey.

My reusable shopping bags are no longer neatly organized; instead they lay in a messy pile on the back floor board. I also have a pile of dry-cleaning in the back. None of the clothes fit me right now, but I probably should go ahead and drop them off anyways. Maybe next week… But the Subie stays fairly clean, other than the additional clutter brought on by motherhood.

What does your car say about you? Does it collect trash? Or is it clutter- and mess-free? Whaddya listen to – CDs? music or talk radio? your iPod? 

What say you...

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