More Top Mommy Blog Goodness

Okay, so I lied the other day. When I said all you had to do was click. Well, I didn’t really lie – a click is all you need to vote for me, but there’s evidently so much more to this whole Top Mommy Blogs thing. There are RATINGS (eek!). And I just figured out how to navigate you guys to this rating system (ok, so I’m a little slow on the uptake – give me a break).

So, if you have a little more spare time (say a minute or so), would you go back to this site and rate me? They have the cutest little rating system, with cupcakes being used instead of stars. Yeah, don’t get me started on the damned cupcakes. Right now I just want to get rated – I’ll deal with the domestic cupcake shit later.

So if you have a free minute go here and rate me – you can even leave a comment… just say whatever’s on your mind…

You guys are awesome!! 🙂


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