Okay, so I’ve been a little bit out of it since having Monkey. Who can blame me? I’ve got a lot going on, and I’m barely even able to keep up with my own responsibilities these days. But this weekend has brought into focus just how oblivious I really am.

There was a fire in our condo complex. Over a week ago. Like, a big one…it burned up 8 units. There’s a huge smoky hole in the top and side of the building that suffered the damage. And it’s less than 100 yards away from our own building. Thankfully, only one person was hurt and went to the hospital with minor burns. But there are several people without homes right now.

Granted, we were out of town when the fire happened last weekend. But I must have driven by the building at least 10 times since we got back. And I never noticed it. Not until Hubby came up this afternoon and said “Oh my God, one of the buildings in our complex caught on fire! I wonder how we missed that.”

I wonder, indeed.


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