On gender roles and pink toenails

I’m burning up. There I was Thursday night, watching the news on The Daily Show (cuz the news everywhere else sucks). And this came on:

For those of you that can’t watch right now, it’s about a J. Crew ad featuring president and creative director Jenna Lyons with her son, whose toenails are painted hot pink:

Kind of cute, I thought, and something that would bring a smile to Hubby’s face, even if it did bother him a little bit. It’s an advertisement, but a cute one. (Also what parent wouldn’t love a photo like this to seriously embarrass their son in front of his prom date one day?)

But there our some who worry this will stir up transgender confusion for this little boy. Seriously??? WTF?????????

Okay, let’s get past the first and most obvious point that THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING TRANSGENDER, GAY, LESBIAN, OR STRAIGHT!!!!

And let’s push onto another point being made by some pundits in the media regarding gender roles. That a boy doing something girl-ish will confuse him. That this boy will end up needing psychotherapy some day because of the confusion. Personally, I think just about all of us could use a little psychotherapy – your mind needs a doctor too, you know. But that’s for another post.

Has it occurred to these people that this little kid is five years old and KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT THIS BULLSH*T! I put make-up and fixed my brothers hair when he was five. He’s now in the military and as straight as can be. In fact, I’m pretty sure two wars messed him up a lot more than his sister’s make-up and hair bows as a child.

Another issue – these pundits have a problem with a parent painting their son’s toenails pink, because that’s something a girl does, amIright? Okay, do they also have a problem with a girl wearing a baseball cap? Or cutting her hair short?? Or playing baseball??? (Or doing science?????????)

If you do, dear reader, then I’m not wasting my time explaining what kind of a sexist douchebag you are. Get off my blog. Now.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a problem with a girl doing “boy-ish” things, but do have a problem with a boy doing “girl-ish” things, then it tells me that you see something WRONG with being a girl. Because serious guys shouldn’t do silly girlish things like painting their toenails pink, or cooking dinner, or having a baby. But, of course, NOTHING is wrong with any child doing boyish things – like climbing trees, or playing sports, or providing for their family.

Meaning? Boys and boyish activities are superior to girls and girlish activities. Which is even a bigger load of misogynistic crap.

I seriously don’t know what else to say. Except this is SOOOOOO unbelievably stupid. I think I might have to paint Monkey’s toenails pink this weekend. And post it on this blog. Yup, I’ve decided. Pink toenails it is.

And let’s just see how many people out there want to tell me I’m screwing my son up. Come on, bring it on. I dare you.


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