(Sci)Mommy Bloggin’

I’ve finally given in – I’m a (Sci)Mommy Blogger! Now don’t go removing me from your science-y blogrolls just yet; I still plan to talk about science here – my tenure-track aspirations, grant-writing, mentoring, etc… But nowadays I write about science in regards to mommyhood, so it just made sense to let the blog go where it wanted.

Besides, this acceptance of mommy blogging has plenty to do with us scientists, and I know there are those out there who agree with me. So if you don’t mind the 2 seconds and one click’s worth of energy it will take, I’d appreciate you all clicking on this link to vote for me. That’s it, just one click. You don’t have to do anything once you get there – your vote is recorded as soon as you navigate from my page to theirs. So click, then hit the back button and come back to my page.

Go on. I’ll wait.

Vote For Use @ Top Mommy Blogs

Alright, you back now?

I think it would be a really good thing for some of the mommy bloggers out there (and there are some fantastic ones I’ve been referred to through this site) to get to know us science-y bloggers over here. So help a scimom out by drumming up some support for this mommy blog, will ya?!


What say you...

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