On becoming a #scimom

I’ve already written a couple of #scimom posts (see this and this if you’re confused). But I didn’t really write these posts with the #scimom meme in mind…I just tagged them after the fact, when I found out about this wonderful idea.

But a few great posts from bloggers I follow got me thinking about the meme more specifically. About how I love my job as a scientist, but also love my (new) job as a mom. About how the two sometimes intersect in an unexpected way. About how they both drive me crazy at times, but are also the most rewarding aspects of my life at other times.I could never be a stay-at-home mom; I learned that during my maternity leave. Maybe a part-timer for a little while, but I’d eventually miss being able to dedicate full time effort to my research. I’m (very slowly) giving up the idea of carting my family all over the country for my career, even though the guilt of lessening my former aspirations lingers. But I like my current balance between science and motherhood, biohazard waste and baby poop, scientific discoveries and Monkey’s discovery of things that can fit in his mouth. My life feels complete, and I like the way that feels.

Some people in the blogosphere and IRL have said they don’t know how I do it all. But, as I think any #scimom will tell you, I really don’t do it all. I do what I can, which is only a portion of what there is to do. And while I’m still in the beginning stages of this experiment, it already appears this is a good thing. I’m a better mom for science, and a better scientist because of motherhood. It’s not for everyone, and it doesn’t make me special. It makes me who I am. I am a #scimom


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