Dry Dieting

I’m weighing in at 150 pounds right now. That’s 30 pounds of weight loss since having Monkey. Breastfeeding has done wonders for my figure, but I’m still 15 pounds away from my optimal weight of 135. My weight loss completely stalled two months ago, and I gained a couple of pounds during our travels. My 6-month goal of 145 pounds is coming up in less than 3 weeks (May 8). Which means I have 5 pounds to lose in less than 3 weeks.

Finding pants that fit is also becoming a problem, due to this resistant baby belly. So I’ve got to find a way to start shaving off some of this weight. I can’t really diet right now, or else my milk supply takes a hit. A cold has kept me from working out much the past month, but my airway is finally clearing up, so I can start running at work again this week. However, I doubt working out alone will get me to my goal. Besides, I find that running just increases the amount I need to eat. I’ve cut out juices and sodas, opting for water with almost every meal. But I need to find something else to cut, and I’ve decided that something else will be alcohol.

Not that I’m drinking all that much; I am breastfeeding after all. But ever since Monkey’s sleep became more dependable around 3 months, I’ve been enjoying a glass (or two) of wine most nights. Not to mention the fact that I ended up drinking a little bit more at the wedding this weekend (thank God for pumped breast milk). I’m pretty sure wine is the culprit, and I think (hope) that cutting this out completely for a few weeks will get me back on track. Depending on how well it goes, I might stick to the dry diet a bit longer.

So I’m giving up alcohol until further notice. I’m wondering if I can get Hubby on board – he has a few baby pounds to lose as well. Or at least get him to bring home the sucky cheap beer so that I’m not tempted. We’ll see how this goes…


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