Family Travel Tidbits

Going through airport security with an infant is not as bad as I imagined, but TSA should really design an X-ray machine that will accommodate a sleeping baby in their car seat.

Nursing at airports is far superior to pumping at airports.

Flight times should be chosen very carefully when traveling with an infant, as should the clothes you’re wearing – something in the shade of baby-poop brown with off-white milk-colored splotches works best.

Just as the pilot begins his descent, turns on the “Fasten Seat Belt” sign, and you think you’re home-free, your 5-month-old will blow out his diaper on your lap. It’s like a rule or something. Seriously, why does poop always run upward?

Important public service announcement: remember to put your boob away before deboarding an aircraft with an infant.

It’s fairly easy to get over the fear of public nursing when you’re visiting a town full of hippies. 🙂

A strapless bridesmaids dress is perfect for nursing at a wedding, so long as you’re bendy enough to get the damned thing zipped back up before re-entering the reception hall.

Evidently, babies like to party all night after weddings. Too bad staying up all night isn’t nearly as fun for this bridesmaid as it used to be.


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