Travel Tidbits

One and a half hours is the perfect amount of layover time for pumping, eating, and finding your next gate.

Pumping in an airport bathroom stall is an interesting experience (details in a future post).

Mobile boarding passes are a great option when you have no bags to check and no access to a printer.

Finding out you’re seated next to a scientist on a flight is a pleasant surprise.

Finding out you’re seated with a family of rednecks, the likes of whom inspired the cast of Deliverance, is a rather unpleasant surprise.

Getting nailed by luggage from an overhead bin is annoying; nailing someone else with your own luggage is just plain embarrassing.

An android phone nicely replaces a computer while travelling, at a fraction of the weight. But I still want an iPad.

You know you’re past the appropriate age for bar hopping when you start showing pictures of your five-month-old to a group of guys flirting with you at a trendy nightclub.

Blogging in-flight is a perfect way to distract oneself from a mild hangover.

Statements overheard during my travels:

-From a woman sitting behind me on my first flight: “Please let me know if my daughter is annoying the crap out of you.”

-Over the airport intercom: “We’re boarding first class only at this time. There’s a nasty mess in the main cabin that we’re trying to clean up. Please keep an eye on your kids, and their gum, during the flight. Better yet, think about stowing them in an overhead bin.”

-From various bachelorette partiers: “Yuck, I have weiner juice on my hands.”; “Who wants to play the weiner in a mousetrap game first?”;  and “Will you sign our giant blowup penis?”


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