To the mommies out there…

If you’re looking for some good reading, check out Far From Perfect, a brand new mommy blog referred to me by a little birdie. From Nicole’s first post:

Right now I am just trying to accept going into survival mode. It’s hard. I want to do a good job, I want to remain calm and gentle and loving all the time. I desperately want to teach and nurture my 3 year old during this challenging and important time in his life. I want breaks. I want to balance my two kids like it’s second nature to me. I want the house to be clean and dinners to be good. I want to pursue hobbies and have time for socializing. I want to do it all, and I’m so angry that I can’t. I have to begin letting some things go. I have to keep my son from getting hurt or hurting others, help him get some sleep, avoid letting him pee all over the couch, and just let the rest go. Let him be the Lord of the Flies child that he seems to want to be.

After my weekend of abuse from the Monkey, I couldn’t help but laugh at the Lord of the Flies comment. Looking forward to more good reading from this fellow mommy-blogger. Welcome, Nicole, to the blogosphere, and thanks *little birdie* for the recommendation! 😉


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