Hell week

Monkey was up every two hours Saturday night. I let him cry himself back to sleep for a few of the wakings, since I knew he wasn’t actually hungry. For those I wasn’t so sure about, I crawled out of bed to nurse him back to sleep. Owing to his exhaustion, Monkey was a holy terror on Sunday, refusing to eat or sleep and resorting to tantrums instead. He actually hit me in the head once while I was trying to nurse, then grabbed onto my breast and pinched the holy fucking life out of it. My boob is still recovering from the abuse.

Luckily we all got some decent sleep last night, but I’m still dragging – partly due to residual sleep issues, partly due to a feeling a complete maternal incompetence, and partly due to anxiety for a crazy week ahead. I was suckered into presenting a poster next week for a hastily prepared symposium, and I have a couple of experiments that must first be finished (without which the poster session will be an utter waste of my time). And it all needs to be finished by Friday afternoon.

Why Friday? Cuz I’m leaving at the crack of dawn Saturday morning to travel to my best friend’s bachelorette party. I’m returning mid-day Sunday, likely in less than optimal poster-making shape. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the party once I’m there (although I have a feeling I’ll fall asleep on my margarita by 9pm). But I’m dreading the travel, the manual pump I just purchased, and the night away from Monkey. I’m already looking forward to getting back home and cuddling up with my baby boy in the recliner.

When did I become such a buzz kill???


4 thoughts on “Hell week

  1. MomGuilt is the worst! Could your monkey be teething? My Monkey started teething at around 3.5 months and got his first tooth at 4. I am not going to claim that he was a great sleeper before, but these first few teeth wrecked us all! Once we figured it out, a little Tylenol goes a long way…..

  2. I honestly don't know. He's been chewing on my fingers (and everything else) lately, but that's been going on for weeks and I haven't felt anything cutting yet.

    He's been stuffy for the past week, so I thought it might be another ear infection. But getting some sleep last night seems to have fixed most of the fussiness.

    We've had him sleeping in a reclined infant seat the past week to help out drainage and avoid an ear infection, then tried moving him back into his crib Saturday night since the stuffiness was mostly better. His stuffiness was a lot worse yesterday and today, though, so I think we moved him back too soon.

    But who really knows…

  3. Westin always got a stuffy nose when teething. He never had issues with ear infections (I know, we were lucky!) They start to chew on everything at about 4 months, so that's not a sign as much as the excessive drool is. At first you will only notice a swollen gum–if you can get a peek inside. This can be tough. Monkey also always got a fever with the first few, but not with all of the others. The fevers would be between 99 and 101, so not very high at all. We really only used Tylenol if there was a fever, or if we saw swollen gums and there was no other comfort. Good luck!

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