The PIGGIE diet

Last week was not so good. I was anxious, overwhelmed and exhausted all week long, culminating in a huge melt-down Friday night. I ramped up my running to relieve stress, and was trying to eat “healthier” foods to boost my energy. But I started experiencing dizzy spells in the morning and evening, and by the weekend, my milk production was taking a hit. I wrote about my drop in milk supply a couple of days ago, and decided while writing that I was starving myself. Since then, I’ve been pigging out – cheese and mixed nuts during bathroom breaks at work, Taco Bell on the way home, chocolate cake and Ben and Jerry’s for dessert in the evening. Everything full of fat and protein that I could get my hands on.

After two short days of indulging, I am feeling like a Brand. NEW. WOMAN!! Not only has my milk production recovered VERY quickly, but I feel SOOOO much better. I’m even starting to get past a cold that was threatening to wipe me out for a second time this year. It seems that, in an effort to lose those last few pounds of baby weight, I began starving myself. Paradoxically, pigging out has dramatically improved my health! I LOVE IT!!!

This new method of “healthy eating” is soooo much different than what I’m used to. I’ve heard anywhere from 3000 to 3500 calories a day are necessary for nursing mothers – maybe more if you’re working out. For someone accustomed to low-calorie meals and fruit / low-fat yogurt snacks throughout the day, this translates to a HUGE change in behavior. I’m replacing Healthy Choice with full-calorie microwave meals, lean protein with red meat, low-fat milk, yogurt and peanut butter with the high-fat versions, and I’m keeping lots of nuts, granola, oatmeal and Luna bars around for snacks. Oh, and I’m ignoring the tinge of guilt while enjoying the occasional piece of chocolate cake or pint of Ben and Jerry’s. 🙂

No more ignoring hunger pangs; no more denying myself yummy food. I’ll eat whenever my body tells me too…which is a LOT. I mean, how many times in life do we get to eat whatever we want, whenever we want? And still (supposedly) lose weight?

Yeah, I think I’m going to enjoy the summer…


6 thoughts on “The PIGGIE diet

  1. i was so busy yesterday that I didn't get to comment. But yeah, now is really when you're eating for you two, not when you're prego. You have to consume enough calories that allow to function as well as produce milk. Which isn't to say that you should make unhealthy choices. I personally I have never been a fan of anything low fat or reduced calorie. I eat things I enjoy at proper portions. Lots of nuts, they really help.

  2. You definitely need to eat more than you think when nursing–listen to your body, it knows that you need calories! Watch out though. Your increased appetite will remain for a few weeks after you wean (at least mine did). Until then, enjoy!

  3. Nursing burns about 600 calories per day, so add that to what you would normally be eating and you should be good. I know it's hard, but try not to worry about those last few pounds. I lost all the baby weight by the time D was 7 months or so, and have continued losing ever since. I'm now about 6 lbs below where I was pre-pregnancy, and I eat everything I want. Including one of my 500 calorie sundaes every night. Just enjoy it!

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