Update on a three way

A couple of weeks ago, I asked my readers if there was a way to have a group video conference call via the internetz. Subsequently, a couple of Tweeps clued me in that the latest version of Skype was indeed capable. Here are the instructions for how to set one up on a Mac (I assume it would be similar for a PC). The catch: one of the Skype callers must have a Skype Premium account, which costs $9/month.

Alyssa pointed out that iChat is also capable, and it appears to not cost any money. BUT you have to meet bandwidth requirements to join in. (To check on a Mac, go to the Video menu, click on Connection Doctor, then choose Capabilities from the drop-down menu; if you meet the requirements, there should be a green check mark next to “Join Multiperson Video”.) Here are the instructions for setting up a multiperson iChat (near the bottom of the page). I’m pretty sure you can do all of this with a PC, using an AIM (AOL instant messenger) account, but I have no idea how to set it up.

So now, down to business. Some of the blogging moms thought it would be fun to have a blog-mom get-together via video chat. I don’t have a premium account on Skype, but I do appear to meet the requirements on iChat. If you want in, send me an email or leave a comment. If there’s enough interest, I’ll look into it further, and maybe get something organized. 😉


3 thoughts on “Update on a three way

  1. Ooohhh! I'd be up for it! I did a 3-way with my parents and brother the other day on iChat. I don't have the bandwidth to host a 3-way, but I do have enough to take part.

  2. Oh Alyssa. That sounds so, So, SO dirty. LOL.

    “That's what she said!!!” hahahahaha I'm so immature.

    Anywho! I am multi-chat capable!

  3. Heeheeheehee – You guys are cracking me up 😉

    I'll email y'all (and anyone else that's interested) this weekend. I need to make sure I'm capable of hosting from home…

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