March Apathy

I’ve followed the NCAA basketball tourney closely since I started my postdoc fiver years ago, when I first got sucked into March Madness by a fellow postdoc. I take my bracketology quite seriously, studying up on the teams, printing out nice copies of my brackets (yes that’s plural – usually 3 or 4 brackets), keeping my brackets updated with an assortment of highlighters, watching multiple games simultaneously the first weekend at a local sports bar. It’s been great fun the past five years.

But this year – I barely got a bracket finished in time. I didn’t watch a single game all weekend. I have no idea where I am in the bloggers’ pool. And I don’t feel like I’m missing out at all. Frankly, that’s the way I feel about everything right now. I barely noticed that coalition forces bombed Libya this weekend, and I haven’t heard any news about the nuclear reactor in Japan. I haven’t checked in on Facebook in over a week. And I’ve barely talked to any of my “real life” family or friends for two weeks. (To be fair, most of them have been busy enjoying Spring Break with their families the past couple of weeks.)

What have I done? Hubby and I started feeding Monkey rice cereal (I use the word “feeding” loosely, since most of the cereal ends up on his bib, high chair, me, and the walls). We enjoyed a great weekend out and about with Monkey, taking him to a couple of our favorite old spots to hang out. I got a lot of good data last week at work – most of which will make for some fabulous preliminary grant data, and help get my latest paper closer to going out the door. I’ve made it out to run a couple of times at work (time to start working on this baby belly that won’t go away). I went back to choir practice a couple of weeks ago, and was singing in the choir loft the past couple of Sundays. Overall, it’s been a nice week in our world.

So who really cares if Texas didn’t make it to the Sweet 16? Or if my bracket is totally sucking ass right now? Who cares if one of my 200 closest “friends” just announced on Facebook that they made an offer on a house? Or that a bunch of my high school buddies just got together back home this weekend for a Mommies’ Night Out? And who cares if House Republicans are trampling our rights in D.C.? Or if Ghadafi’s military is getting obliterated by French pilots? Or if there’s radiation in our food supply?

No, I’m doing just fine in my own little corner of the world right now.


2 thoughts on “March Apathy

  1. I honestly think this is how it is meant to be. I just don't think humans can really handle the 24×7 news cycle, particularly when the news is so bad. It is not that I don't feel for the people in Japan, Libya, or 100 other places. I feel too much for them. I can't take it all in and stay sane. And what would my insanity accomplish other than adding misery to the world?

    And I don't care about March Madness and I never have. There. I said it.

  2. I totally agree; the events of the past week have definitely sent me into a media hibernation. It's just a little odd to feel so isolated, since I usually keep up with current events quite closely.

    Oh, and I didn't give a hoot about basketball until 5 years ago. In fact, if it weren't for money (and pride) on the line, I would likely never pay attention to the sport. 🙂

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