Dinner interrupted

I made a great dinner last night: bacon-wrapped asparagus and tortellini. It was really quite easy. I wrapped 3-4 pieces of asparagus each in a slice of bacon, lined in a baking pan, drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper, and baked on 350 for 15 minutes. The tortellini was pre-made from CostCo, so I just boiled, drained, and finished with butter, garlic, salt, pepper, and basil. Plated and sprinkled freshly-grated parmesan all over:

Figure 1. Last night’s dinner. If you want to make it extra fancy, wrap the asparagus in prosciutto and add some marsala or sherry to the tortellini.

I was especially proud of this meal because it wasn’t planned out. After I got Monkey down for bed, I inventoried the fridge and just threw it together. I was feeling like quite the domestic diva as I finished it off, and I couldn’t wait to try it out. Right as I was serving Hubby, though, I heard Monkey crying. I went in to check on him, and he ate for 20 minutes…while my plate got cold. At least Hubby had a hot meal.

It’s amazing what we do for our children.


5 thoughts on “Dinner interrupted

  1. I normally will do that if it's breakfast or lunch, but Monkey has a hard time if we take him back out of the dark nursery after he's gone to bed. I'm thinking if stretching his bedtime a little later so we can eat dinner before putting him down, but I'm not sure how well that will work either…

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