Why I loathe daylight savings time

Could there be a bigger waste of our time than daylight savings? Seriously, twice a year, my sleep schedule gets thrown out of whack. This year, Monkey’s sleep schedule gets thrown out of whack as well. We had just gotten him back to normal after his ear infection, and now we get to watch it all fall apart again.

And for what, so that retailers and sports can have a little more evening sunlight to make more money? Is it even enough to worry about? Do we even want to mention all the inconveniences caused by this idiotic tradition? Or the fact that some states don’t even observe it, further complicating its use?

Well I’m revolting this year. I will not observe this obsolete practice anymore. Tomorrow, when everyone else turns their clocks forward, I’m keeping mine the same. I’ll be like Hawaii – my own little island of sunshine and sanity. And everyone else can work around my schedule.

Hmm, I wonder if I can get daycare on board with my plan.


4 thoughts on “Why I loathe daylight savings time

  1. You know what they should do? Instead of Saturday night/Sunday morning change, they should do it at 4pm on Monday in each time zone. That way everyone gets a short workday!

  2. In my area of my state we didn't even have DST until recently and the entire state isn't even on the same time zone now. The only change is that my state went from 3 time zones depending on the area (eastern, central or no change) to just 2, eastern or central DST. When the state switched over there was an actual study to see if DST saved energy due to the 'more daylight = less lights = less energy usage' argument, and the study found it didn't.

  3. Meh, I've never bought the energy savings argument. I had all the lights on this morning cuz it was still dark, and I normally use ambient sunlight. No energy savings in our home.

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