Just do it!

I love grad students. I love it when they ask questions about how to do something, then explain why you’re wrong. I love it when they plan and plan AND PLAN their project but never get to it. I love it when they come up with every, teensy, itty-bitty thing that could go wrong with an experiment, instead of JUST DOING IT.

Sometimes you gotta jump into science, head first, with all your clothes on. Then figure out how to optimize things as you go. A little less talk, a lot more action.

Any other clichés and metaphors I need to make my point?


7 thoughts on “Just do it!

  1. I so desperately wish I was in a “just do it” lab. Every. single. teeny. tiny. step. must be approved by my PI. He's not AS BAD as he used to be, since he's not in the lab quite so much, but he still micromanages as much as he possibly can. Not surprisingly, I (and the rest of the lab) am able to crank out far more data and accomplish many more things weeks when he is out of the lab… but he fails to acknowledge this trend.

  2. Exactly, Dr. Becca! You should totes have a sign with the motto posted in your new lab. 😉

    @SS – I never understand why the micromanaging PIs don't realize that things move along a lot quicker when they get out of the way of their employees!

  3. I was much better at just doing it in my old lab where I was comfortable with the methods, there was plenty of sample material, and our consumables were dirt cheap. Now samples are much more precious and everything is *SO* expensive that I'm pretty intimidated to start new work without thoroughly working through each step. I admit that it does make me feel pretty lame.

  4. This student has been around for 3.5 years, and has done this with every new experiment. I understand planning, but this guy over thinks everything and just makes the science harder than it needs to be. Plus, he won't take anybody's advice, after asking our opinions, which is incredibly frustrating.

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