Suggestions pleeeezz!?!?!

We’re supposed to give Monkey 3cc’s of this thick Pepto-like amoxicillin suspension twice a day for his ear infection. He doesn’t seem to hate the stuff, but he does this thing with his tongue that leads to a large portion of it ending up on his face and neck instead of in his tummy. So we end up with a partially-medicated circus baby.

Figure 1. My rendition of Monkey after his amoxicillin treatment. (Please forgive my remedial Adobe skills; I clearly need to pay more attention to PlS’s Ilustrator tutorials.)

We spent 20 minutes this morning giving Monkey his antibiotics through a dropper, half a cc at a time, and we still ended up with a good portion of it on him and us. How the hell is anybody supposed to get all that medicine down a little infant’s throat?

Suggestions, please.


11 thoughts on “Suggestions pleeeezz!?!?!

  1. Petunia used to hate that stuff, and what worked for us was to shoot a little in her mouth with the dropper and then blow on her face. The blast of air on her face makes her swallow (don't ask me why). And then repeat until the whole dose is in.

    The blowing in her face trick was suggested by our doctor's nurse and works like a charm for us- but you have to be quick.

    Unsolicited additional advice- consider giving a probiotic like Culturelle about an hour after the antibiotic to help fend off diarrhea that is the most annoying side effect of the antibiotic. You can mix the powder from inside the capsule with some breastmilk and give it to him via dropper. I swear by this stuff, both for antibiotic tummy and for helping kids (and grown ups) get over tummy bugs faster.

  2. Yeah, that tongue reflux is a pain when trying to give medicine! Are you using a medicine dropper? Use one of those, and put it WAY back in the side of the mouth (where your wisdom teeth would be). Do it while he's on his back too. Hope it gets easier!

  3. @Alyssa – We've been getting the syringe that we're using as a dropper back in there by leaning his head back a bit…I think we're just still being very gentle since we have so little experience. The more we do it, the further back we'll probably try going!

    @Cloud – Haven't heard of blowing on their face before. Someone else tweeted that today, too. Very interesting; we'll have to try that tonight!

  4. Hmmm.. that is a tough one. I think they expect some loss when they come up with infant dosing. With Mini-G I just put the dosing syringe way at the back of throat and just tried to shoot it down. They will often accidently swallow. It sort of worked, i think 🙂 good luck, hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  5. @SS – There's a small part of me that wonders the same thing. After my first experience cleaning Monkey's nose out with saline, and hearing the pain-stricken screaming that resulted, that all changed. The animals I've worked with never reacted that badly to anything I've done. Either that or I'm much more empathetic to a human cry.

  6. Ditto to Alyssa– back on the side of the mouth– it will drip down the inside of the cheek in the back. That helps keep the tongue from thrusting out. (Our first mother's helper had been a pediatric nurse and showed us this trick.)

    Hope you get better soon! Our 4 year old decided to break his not-sick streak and has a fever. That's what I get for saying he hadn't gotten sick in a long time.

  7. Back of the throat worked really well, although Monkey screamed bloody murder about it. 😦 But it all went down, and he's asleep for the night. I'm calling it a relatively successful evening, in spite of Monkey's short-lived misery.

    @NaM – Hope your little one gets better soon! I was bragging earlier this week how well Monkey was doing with his stuffy nose – right before the shit hit the fan. I'm learning (very slowly) to bite my tongue. 😉

  8. yeah, I was gonna suggest getting it back further. You'll learn soon that you're not going to break the kid. And yes, we'll have another installment of the AI series soon to help you poor souls still working in powerpoint.

  9. No suggestions, but I had that stuff so often when I was a kid and had frequent ear infections (5 and younger) I STILL remember what it tastes like. Yuck!

  10. We were back of the mouth shooters too. And then we would quick slap the paci into their mouths. That would 1) stop the crying and 2) trigger their instinct to swallow.

    It worked about, say 80% of the time. And we always kept a washcloth on hand, just in case it was one of those times in the other 20%

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