Three months – just enough time to fall in love

It’s taken less than three months for me to fall in love with Monkey. I’m not sure when it happened, but sometime between diapers and feedings, tears and babbles, I realized I was smitten. Monkey will turn three months old this Tuesday, and it’s hard to imagine how Hubby and I ever lived without him.

My little boy is developing a personality that’s bigger than life, and he looks more and more like his Daddy everyday. He raises his eyebrows, sometimes one at a time, sometimes both, just like Hubby does. He has the same blue eyes, the same chin, and the same little lips, which he purses together when concentrating. Best of all, he’s developing the same huge smile that melts my heart.

Monkey now lifts his head up during tummy time, and grabs his toys, bringing them to his mouth to suck on. He can sit supported against a pillow, and he kicks his legs and waves his arms when excited. He talks to me when getting changed and while nursing, although he should probably learn not to talk with his mouth full. He loves watching Hubby play guitar, and listens intently when I sing to him. He puts himself to sleep at night in his crib, but naps next to me on the weekends.

I recently pondered how parents could find such joy in the most difficult of jobs. While I’m not always happy, there’s no doubt that the joy of parenthood is real. It goes deeper than happiness, and requires finding fulfillment in something beyond ourselves. Hubby and I now belong to something bigger, fostering the growth and development of another human being, and the reward we reap is astonishing. I mean, just look at that smile – how could we not find joy when looking at that little face? THIS is undoubtedly the most fulfilling job I will ever have.


8 thoughts on “Three months – just enough time to fall in love

  1. As a pregnant postdoc who's dealing with some serious nausea right now, this made me smile. I've been following your blog and it's refreshing in it's honesty and openness. Thank you for sharing! Happy 3 months to your precious little monkey!

  2. Yeah, smiling is the turning point, I think. And Monkey has a killer one!
    Or possibly it's the combination of *some* dependable sleep and interactivity. But smiles help. Just wait until the giggles start…

  3. @Cloud – I'm not even going there – the prospect of Monkey becoming a teenager scares the bejesus out of me!

    @Anon – The nausea is the worst – finally cleared up around 15 weeks for me. Thanks for commenting; I'm glad to know my out-pouring is helping others. πŸ™‚

    @Becca – I def think the combination of the two plays into it getting better. I can't wait for the giggling!!!! πŸ˜€

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