A disturbance in the force

Hubby and I were just starting to relax. Our little guy’s abilities to put himself to sleep and stay asleep through the night have been a God send. We knew it wouldn’t last forever, but we thought we’d get more than a couple of weeks. It figures – we let ourselves get a little too comfortable for our own good.

Monkey has returned to his pre-bliss habit of wanting to be held when sleeping. The difference now is Hubby and I know Monkey can put himself to sleep in his crib – so we’ve let him cry it out a few times. It hasn’t been too horrible – he’s only cried 15-20 minutes at a time (after being checked that he’s not wet, hungry, cold, etc). But he’s waking more throughout the night too, sometimes to eat, sometimes just to cry. We never know which it is, and I’m having a hard time deciding when to go to him and when to let him work through it on his own.

The worst part is not knowing if something is wrong. I don’t think he’s teething yet, and he doesn’t appear to be sick. This doesn’t feel like a growth spurt; at least he’s not eating more than normal. He could just be developing an attachment to Mommy and Daddy; although he cries just as hard and long when we hold him to put him to sleep…then wakes up and goes through the WHOLE THING AGAIN when we try to put him down in his crib (which is why we’ve justified letting him cry it out on his own).  It could be the Arctic front that blew through here earlier this week. Or the fact that we’ve had him home from daycare a couple of days in a row.

Who knows.

With with all the bad naps and night-wakings, though, Monkey’s becoming overtired, which only makes it harder for him to go to sleep. Which makes me worry about the next time we put him down in the evening. I have no idea how long this phase will last, so I’m mentally preparing myself for a less-than-optimal sleep pattern. I did it before, I can manage it again. And it’ll get better again, right? RIGHT???


4 thoughts on “A disturbance in the force

  1. Good Lord, what did we get ourselves into, right? The best advice I've heard lately is that everything is a phase and it will change sooner or later (hopefully sooner). Hang in there and it WILL get better! LOL!

  2. Yes it will get better!!

    Months 3-9 can be like stormy weather–you know that some stuff is going to suck but the meteorology isn't quite good enough to know exactly how and when.

    I do recommend getting his ears checked at the doctor, though, my girl frequently had symptomless ear infections, with no fever and just her usual daycare stuffiness, that we only noticed because she got really bad at sleeping.

  3. I love, LOVE Arlenna's comment about stormy weather.

    When I was 8 months pregnant, a stranger I met briefly through work said to me, “Just know that you WILL sleep again.” I've remembered that more than any other advice I ever received.

    So when D goes through his hellish sleep phases and I'm up at 3am, I say to myself “I WILL sleep again. Eventually.”

  4. Monkey's about 4 months old, right? A lot of babies have sleep disturbances at 4 months. People whose babies actually sleep report issues around 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 18 months if I remember right. I suspect you'll see some pattern sort of like this, since Monkey is a pretty good sleeper.

    Pumpkin's sleep was just horrible from 4 months – 12 months, but I do remember her un-nightweaning herself sometime around 18 months and our sleep getting worse again before the sleep fairy visited us at 2 years. Petunia was sleeping through the night for a few weeks when she was 3 months old, and then at 4 months it all went pear-shaped. Her sleep was never as good as Monkey's though, so maybe he'll go back to “normal” faster/better than she did.

    There are just so many things that can screw up a baby's sleep: teething and illness, sure. But also developmental leaps. And those are coming fast and furious for the first couple of years.

    But @JLK's stranger is right: you WILL sleep again. Unless you decide to have another baby! If we just had Pumpkin, we'd be sleeping through the night almost every night these days, and would have been doing so for a year and a half now. That actually helps me get through things with Petunia. I look at Pumpkin and think if SHE is sleeping, then surely Petunia will, too, someday.

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