Road Trip!!

I think the Monkey’s a keeper.

We just got back from our first road trip – a short drive down south so that Monkey could meet his uncle for the first time – and the little man did FAAAAB-ulous. Not only did he sleep through the night (that’s 10 hours, in his play yard, in a strange hotel room, in a strange city), but he was also a perfect prince when we grabbed food with his uncle – at an actual restaurant!! Yes, that’s right, the Monkey let Hubby and I be real adults again, falling asleep in his car seat right there at the table. It was a-maaaaazing.

Hubby and I have been scared shitless about taking Monkey anywhere – other than the pediatrician’s office and day care (those are scary enough). And because of his issues with sleep, we were hesitant to take anyone up on babysitting offers, for fear they would be the last. Monkey’s new-found ability to sleep means Hubby and I have a ticket to enjoy ourselves again instead of being kept prisoners in our own home. I can’t beGIN to describe what this sort of freedom feels like.

I know there will be rough times ahead, what with teething, illnesses, etc. But it’s sooooo good to know there will be good times too. Coming soon – trips with Monkey to museums, aquarium, and the zoo to meet his furry relatives. 🙂


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