K grant plan B

Absent a miracle during council review, my K grant is very unlikely to get funded. The payline has dropped even further for this year, and my priority score – while not a bad one at all – is just too high to make the cut. So I won’t have a coveted K grant to woo employers on the job search. And I won’t have money outside of my start-up package to hire/buy additional technicians/supplies once obtaining that prized TT slot. So my job search and future career goals are in the dumpster, right?

Hell nos!!!! What kind of sniveling pity party do you think I’m running here?!? How about the fact that I have 2 solid aims and useful critiques for a future R01 submission?? That’s nuttin’ to sneeze at! With a couple more aims and the kick-ass data my collaboration is sure to provide, that’s going to be one effin’ awesome R01 app!!

Which means I now have two R01 submissions outlined. One of which has loads of preliminary data, another that needs a few more experiments. I have the bulk of data needed for one manuscript, and the first couple of figures for a second. Count ’em up – that’s data for TWO papers and TWO grant apps…while shoving out, feeding, and de-crapping a baby!

I still have work to do, but that’s what protected research time is for, right, RIGHT? I need to keep the ball rolling while I’m enjoying the relative peace of my postdoc, and make sure it keeps rolling wherever I end up (and whenever I get there). No rest for the weary; it’s time to suck it up and push out the data.

Ballz to the wallz, bitches!!!!


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