Not worried enough?

Today is Monkey’s first day at daycare, and I’m not sure that I’m as worried as I should be. I got a little weepy-eyed thinking of how my little man looked in the arms of his teacher when I was leaving – all cute and blowing bubbles, and perfectly content in someone else’s arms. And I’m a little concerned about how well he’ll sleep in a strange place and if he has enough breast milk. But I’m not panicked about strangers caring for him…not even a little bit.

Maybe it’s because he wasn’t crying when I left. Maybe it’s because I’m hoping someone more experienced with babies will be able to get him to sleep in a crib (which they already have). Maybe it’s because I’ve already spent a few weeks at work away from him. Maybe it’s because Hubby and I both get a break from being caretakers and get to enjoy our normal lives again – even if for just part of the day. Maybe it’s a combination of all of these factors.
I don’t necessarily feel like a bad mother, but I am wondering if I should be more worried. I can’t help it, though – I feel completely confident in the ability of this facility and its teachers to care for my son. Is there something wrong with my mommy beacon? Am I letting down my guard too soon? Or is this some sort of weird telepathic sign that I can relax – that everything is okay? 
It occurs to me that I’m now worried about not being worried enough. *Sigh* I guess the worry never ends.

Update: Strike the entire post above. As of 3pm, I’m a complete and utter panic mess. I can’t wait for Hubby to pick up my Monkey!!


4 thoughts on “Not worried enough?

  1. I can see how you would feel that way. I mean, you did pick that place and those people to care for him, so I'm sure you felt comfortable with them and the way they do things. (((hugs))) to you! How did his first day go?

  2. Big hugs. The first day care day is hard. Will you believe me if I tell you that it gets easier? It really does. (Although I'll admit that drop offs during separation anxiety periods are hard- which is one of the many reasons that I work the early shift and Hubby does drop off. I do pick up, which with my girls is always a happy time!)

  3. @Alyssa – His first day went really well! He didn't get as good of an afternoon nap as we'd normally like, and most of it was spent in the swing. But he did take a couple of 30 minute cat naps in his crib. He evidently grabbed the toys off their bouncer, so that probably won't be a good option for naps. :p

    @Cloud – I do the dropping off since Hubby has to be at work across town so early. Luckily, the Monkey doesn't seem to mind being handed off to someone else, for now. Not really sure how I feel about that…

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