Holy sleeping baby, Batman!




The Monkey slept for 10 hours last night.

He’s had long sleep nights before, but usually after a bad day/couple of days – like when he got his immunizations earlier this week, or when he went for an epic 14 hours without sleeping just before Christmas.

But yesterday was a good day. He took his usual short naps in the morning, had a nice 4-hour nap in the afternoon, took another short nap in the early evening, and went down, a bit later than his usual bedtime, at 9. And he didn’t wake up until 7 this morning, right at his usual wake-up time. I actually had time to get up, showered, and caffeinated before nursing him then heading to work. What a great feeling.

Hubby and I aren’t counting on this full night’s sleep becoming routine just yet, but it’s fantastic to know Monkey can make it that long. And now that we’re seeing him develop a night sleeping pattern (a somewhat dependable bed time, and a very dependable wake-up time), we’re feeling like he’s ready to transition from his bouncer to his crib…just in time for him to start day care next week.

So get ready Monkey, we’re about to pull the rug bouncer out from under you. This week, you’re a newborn sleeping wherever you can. Next week – a big boy that sleeps in his crib!

I have a feeling next week will be a bit rough on all of us – get the coffee and chocolate ready.


6 thoughts on “Holy sleeping baby, Batman!

  1. Hells yeah!! Mini-xx has always been a great sleeper, but the very first time I didn't have to wake up for the 3 or 3:30 nursing, I wasn't sure what happened. I wondered, Did she really sleep through? or Was I so sleep deprived that I actually did't remember getting up? After it happened a few more times I believed it.
    It might become a trend quicker than you think.

  2. That's awesome! And 4 hr naps??? I am too jealous for words.

    We didn't have any issues with the crib transition. I wish you the same luck!

  3. That is fantastic! Sounds like Monkey is doing well. Congrats, and good luck with the transition. Mini-G didn't have an issue, hopefully you will not either!

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