It’s getting better

Yesterday was an awful day. It started with a drive to a dreaded pediatrician appointment in horrible weather, then an hour and a half drive to work in the same God-awful road conditions. In the midst of my morning from hell, I forgot my ID badge for work. Which meant I couldn’t park in the garage without paying. And the stupid pay thingie at the entrance to the garage wasn’t working, so I had a line of cars behind me honking as I tried to back out. I finally got into the garage at another entrance, and so commenced a day of begging others to let me in to the lab area with their badges. Between pumping and a faculty meeting (since I’m teaching classes right now), I barely had time to get any lab work done at all…so it was pretty much a wasted day. As I rushed out the door to get home to Monkey, I realized I left my jacket in the lab. And none of the janitorial staff would let me in for fear of losing their jobs. I finally found a lonesome faculty member to let me in, then headed out to the garage. And, wouldn’t you know it, the damned pay thingie at the exit was also broken and wouldn’t take my credit card. As I sat there waiting for the intercom to work, a parking attendant came up behind me and said she’d have to write me a ticket. WTF?!?! It’s not my fault the GD pay thingie is broken!!!! Oh, she meant a ticket for the $5 I was going to be charged anyways. Okay, but hurry!! Five long minutes later, I was on my way home, still on horrible, icy roads, in tears. Oh shit.

It took me a few minutes to realize that it was okay, that the tears this time weren’t due to a reemergence of the postpartum depression that I’ve been dealing with. Yesterday was a shitty day, and I was upset, stressed, and overwhelmed…any normal human being would have been. Maybe their reaction wouldn’t have included tears, but mine did, and that’s okay. I still made it home in time to see Monkey, and Hubby went and got food (and wine) while I was nursing Monkey to sleep. It ended up being a good night after all…good enough for Hubby’s and my anniversary.

And to deal with the earlier time that I’ll evidently be heading home for the next several years, I am now a morning person. Today – up at 3:30am to feed Monkey (he slept for a record-breaking 8 hours last night!!), shower, coffee and pump at 5am, out the door at 6:30am, to work at 7:30am (yes, I live that far away from the lab), therapist at 3pm, grocery store then home (hopefully) by 6pm, bedtime at 9pm.

And I now need more coffee.

Preferably in an IV.

Oh shit.


9 thoughts on “It’s getting better

  1. HOLY CRAP!! 8 h is FANTASTIC!!! w00t!

    Congrats on surviving your shitty day! I am also a morning person, not by choice, but because that is how my life has arranged itself.

  2. I'm pretty sure the 8 hours was due to bad napping yesterday, due to fussiness, due to the vaccines. But he's been at 6 hours for a week now. Maybe…

    because that is how my life has arranged itself

    This. Never thought I could actually be a morning person until now.

  3. Isn't 3:30 more like the middle of the night? LOL! So glad Monkey is sleeping better and that you're feeling better!! I'm sure both are making a world of difference.

  4. Man, that does sound shitty.
    These days I'm typically in the lab by 7 or 7:30 as apposed to 9:00 or 9:30. I still feel like a zombie at least two days a week, but that's better than everyday, which is how I was feeling when mini-xx was monkey's age. Glad you are finding a groove.

  5. Go Monkey!

    But yeah, my first always slept better than usual after her shots, too. If he is regularly sleeping 6 hours in a row, though, that is pretty good. I predict you'll be getting decent sleep soon and that will make a world of difference in your life.

    On the shots… that gets easier, too. For you, I mean. I'm pretty sure that it is never really a big deal for the baby.

    And my kids turned me into a morning person, too. You get used to that, too. I almost like it now.

  6. My kid turned me from a decades-long 2am-10am sleeper to a 9pm-5am one. Sleeping 8 hours really does mark a turning point. Once they start sleeping through the night (or once you're past 6 months and can start supplementing with a bottle), it makes a huge difference. Sorry you had a shitty day (I've had days just like that (well, minus the pumping)) but also glad it's getting better for you.

  7. Well, last night was a return to his 6 hour sleep pattern. Still not bad at all. And Hubby is about to start splitting the middle of the night feeding with me since Monkey is taking breast milk in a bottle really well. The work days really are working better for me with the earlier day, though – almost makes getting to work that early worth it.

    @Alyssa – Yeah, 3:30 is more like the middle of the night, but by the time I got him back down it was almost 5am. 😛 He's a very long feeder, and always seems to take forever to get back down. I'd love it if he'd figure out a way to fall asleep on his own. Too tired at that time to fight it though.

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