Well I’ll be damned…

Arlenna over at Chemical BiLOLogy just posted this about the Primary Caregiver Technical Assistance Program at NIAID. Evidently, the program covers “additional funds for NIAID grantees to hire a mid-to-senior level technician to fill in when [a postdoctoral] caregiver needs to be away from the lab.”

As in a postdoctoral fellow who takes maternity leave when her Monkey is born.

Holy crap! I had NO idea this existed, and I’m funded under NIAID. How is it that I missed this? None of the other PIs that I’ve talked to around here know about it either. Does anyone out there have any personal experience with this program? Or is a black hole of NIH funding?


One thought on “Well I’ll be damned…

  1. A good friend of mine applied for and received funding under this mechanism. It paid for a tech during and after her maternity leave. There were other family health related issues though. I am not sure whether having a baby is enough? But not many know about this (until now!) so there isn't too much competition.

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