originally posted on LabSpaces, with some revision

It’s been a nice run, but I think the time has come for me to take my leave from LabSpaces. As much as I’ve enjoyed blogging over here, the new friends I’ve made, and the increased exposure, I’m just not sure that my blogging goals are the same as the network’s. While I’ll certainly continue to write about grants, job searches, and other career-related topics, I’ve found that most of my heart and writing energy are increasingly focused on my personal life, which just doesn’t fit under this collective. I’ve tried splitting my time between my old blog and this one, but I really prefer to maintain one blog and keep all my posts in one spot. So I’ll be moving back here, if y’all don’t mind updating your blogrolls and readers once again. 🙂

I wish Brian and the rest of the LabSpaces bloggers the best of luck as they move forward. It sounds like there are some great things soon to be taking place around here, and I can’t wait to watch from the outside!


3 thoughts on “sigh

  1. Awww. I'll miss you over there. I never stopped following you here though. 🙂

    I completely get the split blog thing. It is tough to do both, and it is hard to always stay in the “science blogging only” zone.

    Looking forward to whatever comes to your mind over here!

  2. Thanks for following me @boomnet!

    I'll miss you guys too, LabMom. Two blogs really is too much to think on now, though. It's nice being able to just think about one for a change.

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