What one should always have in their breast pump bag…

…spare nursing pads.

I forgot to grab some this morning, and I live too far away from home to remedy the situation. I don’t have time to make a trip to the store, and I don’t know of anyone in the department who is still nursing. My last pump session without them was an adventure, but my clothing is still (mostly) in good shape. If things go awry before my next pump, my light colored shirt is sure to show stains. At least I wore a scarf this morning – thank God for the cold weather.


7 thoughts on “What one should always have in their breast pump bag…

  1. I'll second PUI prof's advice. Keep spare parts at work, and spare bags in the pump. Medela makes some that tape right on to the flanges. Also, the battery pack, with spare batteries.

    Why yes, I did have to drive home to get pump parts more than once. I finally learned.

  2. the lab for my PhD was connected to another lab and one day I was walking through and noticed a pump funnel on the bench and remarked on it to someone else and they said “oh, we were wondering what that was for!” it was a baby friendly lab, but it still caught everyone by surprise and they thought it was pretty funny. we think it came from a dad/student who had a makeshift lab at his house and came in 1x a week

    oh, and don't forget to button the nursing bra back up… I've totally gone through 1/2 the day then realized I had one boob hanging out of the bra, oops!

    I also kept spare parts at work and found that keeping 2 sets of horns (I think that's what they are called) and bottles at work made my day go much smoother since I didn't have to wash or dry everything mid-day.

  3. @PUI and Cloud – I actually wash all the parts in the evening when I prep Monkey's bottles for the next day, so I hope I'll at least remember those. But I'll definitely be keeping some spare parts at my desk just in case!

    @Arlenna – I always think of that post when packing my pump for work, and it still cracks me up! Your MacGyver-like skillz are legendary.

    @postdoc mom – I was reading your comment while pumping, and laughed so hard that I spit water out of my mouth and nearly spilled milk all over…I can totally see doing that myself! 😀

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