Down time

originally posted on LabSpaces

Down time is not good. Down time is when your brain has time to think.
About the things you’re not doing right. About the Monkey that is at home trying to figure out life while you’re enjoying work. About the fact that Hubby has already taken two car rides today with the Monkey to get him to sleep. About the future car ride(s) and exhausting night that you have to look forward to.

I’ve avoided down time for two and a half days while at work, and now I’m waiting for an interminably long transfer to finish up. I’m about to start popping Tums to calm my stomach, which started churning the moment I sat down an hour ago.

I need something to do. My current state of mind doesn’t do well with down time. Maybe I’ll go sterilize something. Or wash dishes. Anything to make my brain stop meandering.


What say you...

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