12 months of blogging…easy enough

Well, with a blog meme as straightforward as this one from DrugMonkey, there’s just no reason to delay writing a blog post any longer. The objective of this meme – post the first sentence from the first post each month of the past year. This exercise ended up being quite fun, and revealed how much of a roller coster ride the past year of my life has been. Beginning with recovering from a miscarriage, the year continued on with a revived blog, triaged grant, failed job search, a second and more successful pregnancy, a new blogging home, rejuvenated job search, resubmitted grant with a decent score, and, finally, a new baby! So, according to the newest and hottest blogosphere meme, here’s the past 12 months of Dr. O’s life from The Tightrope and here on LabSpaces – summarized in 12 sentences:

January: So I am determined to keep my resolution, even if I got a slow start: keep this blog up and running!!

February: So my head is officially about to explode.

March: So I haven’t had much time for blogging these past few days, mainly because I received a huge data set on Thursday (interrupting a badly needed Organization Day) and have been dragging myself through “piles” of excel spreadsheets.

April: I’ve had a crush on Jon Stewart for many years, but I’ve never been this in love.

May: When I saw the topic for this month’s Scientiae Carnival – Bumps and Humps – I couldn’t resist using my contribution for an announcement; so if you’ll indulge me…

***drum-roll, please*** 

Hubby and I are expecting!!!!

June: I had my doctor’s appointment this afternoon…and all’s well in baby-land!

July: Months ago I published this post on the slow winding-down of my mentor’s lab.

August: It’s been a time of upheaval around the science blogosphere.

September: Wow…can you tell it’s September?

October: Wow, where exactly did my time, energy, and sanity go?

November: A new post by Ambivalent Academic caught my eye this morning, posing many of the familiar questions that I and other postdocs in the blogosphere often ask ourselves:

December: Well, with a blog meme like this one, started by DrugMonkey, there’s just no reason to delay writing a blog post any longer!


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